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What is Publish Express?

It’s a web based software solution where desktop publishing processes can be managed from start to end.

Based on the meetings with various globally scaled magazine groups leading the industry, the following issues have been identified.

Time Losses in Planning Prior to Printing

In Form planning, due to changes of content page and advertisement pages there becomes a process quite difficult to manage and time consuming. Besides placement of pages to the appropriate spots, planning of reporting and calculation of costs before printing is a time taking process as well.

With the Publish Express Form planning module used by MOTORBOAT magazine for about 1 year, a time savings of 72% is achieved by reducing pre-printing process to 7 days which previously took on average 20 days.

High Employee Costs

In order for a mid-scaled magazine to be managed and publish its monthly magazine properly, at least 7-8 employees are required to be employed full-time within the company.

Through the meetings held with the MOTORBOAT magazine and after the analysis performed based on these meetings, a conclusion of 40% savings possibility in employee costs is revealed.

High Blueprint Costs

Magazine pages which have been planned and sent for printing to publishing house goes through a process called blueprint for a final control before printing.

This process places a serious fiscal burden to magazine publishers.

Publish Express removes this cost completely with the blueprint module, coming to a rescue of the magazine publisher for its major expense.

Troubles in Coordinating with the Printing House

Pages, after being planned and designed, are sent to printing house and follow-up of each page is performed by an employee in charge of printing house within the magazine publisher.

This is a quite difficult and complicated process. Therefore, there are many factors that may cause errors. Because errors also affect costs, it’s one of the most important processes.

Publish Express, by providing the coordination between the printing house and magazine publisher, reduces the error risk to zero and does not let additional costs to occur by preventing mistakes.

Post-printing Backup Costs

Each magazine issue that is printed must be backed up. While backing up process delivers an additional cost, reaching to resource can be troublesome as well.

While removing the costs by backing up materials in the Cloud System with the Publish Express “Cloud Back Up Module” , it’s also ensured that contents can be reached from anywhere 7x24

Creating “Digital Magazine”, concurrentlys

Magazines/Magazine groups need to establish a separate working group to continue their existence in the digital media, in order to cope with the era besides traditional publishing methods.

This situation causes the same job to be done twice for different platforms and increases costs.

Publish Express, besides traditional publishing methods, relieves magazine/magazine groups from this financial hassle and helps to save time as well by providing infrastructure and application support for pages loaded into the system by publishing in digital environments.